A portfolio of MarksWorx projects and vast iniatives Digital Data Transfer, a full service provider of Studio Engineering and Specialty Services by appointment only a very fine selection of sample video promos and bumpers for your review,need something just ask us!! Click here to send your questions, comments, accolades, critiques and other useful information, we need to hear from you!! Veteran History interviews and information from those who nobly served our country.Every One a hero, a Veterans Memorial tribute contains video interviews with our veterans, Thanks for your service. Please visit my waterfall building page...click here A growing resource of vintage ALTEC professional audio equipment, contains product specifications and technical data for classical Altec mixers, microphones,amplifiers, mic pre, signal processing and more. Please visit Click Here to listen and read along with our childrens audiobook stories of Nature..very fun a website detailing the building of a home hobby furnance for melting scrap aluminum and casting for fun and ingots link to the crazy cat ladys paradise pages


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