Digital Data Transfer Audio Services

We specialize in forensic audio restoration and forensic audio enhancement for the criminal justice system, the legal community, private investigators, broadcast and media, as well as private individuals.

We clean-up, enhance, and improve poor quality audio from a wide variety of sources.

We use strictly state-of-the-art analog and digital audio technology in the audio restoration and audio enhancement process.
We will provide a free estimate for any project.

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Our efficient service ensures that your deadlines will be met.

A demonstration compact disc is available upon request.

A lot of our work is of a forensic audio nature in which recorded dialog or conversations are difficult to impossible to understand. In these situations, we suppress or eliminate background noise to make the spoken words understandable.

Single or multiple copies are provided on compact disc (CD) of the restored and enhanced audio.

Often we are asked to develop a transcript of what was said from the cleaned-up audio. For these special requests we procure the services of certified court reporters and stenographers. All associated costs and expenses may require prepayment or deposits.

Other audio restoration or audio enhancement assignments involve the repair and improvement of one-of-a-kind contemporary or vintage recordings. We will restore and enhance any older media format from 78s and vinyl to cassettes and open-reel recordings. A new compact disc (CD) master is provided with any number of copies.
Contemporary audio recordings that need restoration or enhancement range from live music recordings with some noise problems or just plain glitches. Business conference recordings and telephone interviews also fit into this category.


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SEE OUR Frequently Asked Questions Page!

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