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Here you are, right to the good stuff!! This webpage is sort of like a TimeLine...the oldest, starter stuff is on the top of the page and it gets more current as you other words if you want the newest stuff jump to the bottom of the page!!

I stacked the Videos along the left side and split project pages into two columns...I'm trying to make it easier to hop around the site as it grows. I am now to the point of updating some of the projects and as I do I will be adding link/notes into this order to keep related stuff together.

REMEMBER...the items,projects and processes I work with are Dangerous...Do Not Attempt this without Proper Safety Gear and Education...which is not provided here...disclaimer, because this stuff can be dangerous and I want you to come back and visit, not get burnt up!!


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Casting Session #1

Lost Foam Castings

page 1 PLaying with Fire link

Introduction: or How I Stopped Worrying & Learned to Play with Fire. (page 1)

1st heat of the new furnace with a freon tank and fire bricks

2nd Furnace - Rebuilding (page17)

Casting Session #2

Lost Foam Castings

a truckfull of cinder blocks

Building the Fire Place (pages 2-3)

the hot wire foam cutter device I built from cheep  materials

HotWire Foam Cutter.. (page 18)

Casting Session #3

Setup and Casting Skulls

first furnace top

The First Builds & Etc (pages 4-6)

side view of the new foam cutter for making lost foam patterns

More Hot Wire/Sander (page 19)

Casting Session #4

Lost Foam Plaques Casting

fire brick frame for the top

Making a Furnace Top?(page 7)

short pours of a lost foam aluminum pouring

Pouring Lost Foam Flasks (page 20)

Casting Session #5

Where I try casting weird stuff

first burner weedburner

First Burner/Weedburners (page 8)

cutting pink foam on the foam hot wire cutter to make lost foam patterns

Some Lost Foams trials (page 21)

Casting Session #6

Getting the Lead Out

first furnace with gimble

My first setup.....sorta.. (page 9)

we build a reverb style furnace from an old freon tank

Build the Reverb Furnace (page 22)

Casting Session #7

The Can Crusher Project

tools I use, a welder, Lincoln 225 AC` welder

The Tools I Use & Made (page 10)

front view of the freon tank reverb furnace with its first pour of recycled aluminum

Finish Reverb/1st Heat (page 23)

Casting Session #8

Finish work on the Skulls

building a crucible pickup tool

Can Crushing & Tongs (page 11)

we built a mini cupola furnace to mass melt aluminum but had a mag fire instead

My Cupola & Mag Fire (page 24)

Casting Session #9

Welding some New Crucibles

making a angle iron ingot mold with clamps

Skimmers / Ingot Mold (page 12)

3 old printers I will disassemble for a cnc project

Printers CNC Project (page 25)

Casting Session #10A&B

Making a Lost Foam Aluminum Bell

ingots we pouredfrom old recycled aluminum pop cans

Lets Melt,my 1st Ingots!! (page 13)

close up of Al making some egg sinker molded lead

Wheel Weight Lead Pours (page 26)

Casting Session #11

Making Sand CORES

first crucible failure with melting copper bullet jackets

1st Furnace Meltdown ;-( (page14)

3lb cannonball molds from HILTS used for kayak anchors

Some 3lb cannonball sinker or downrigger molds with a bunch of pours...made from wheel weights (page 27)

Casting Session #12

Lathe Work on Cannon

a homemade sand muller with a caster for mashing sand

Sand & Mullers??..sorta (page 15)

cast 3lb lead cannonball sinkers for anchors..cooling in sand bed.

More 3lb cannonballs, a pile of 1lb Bank Sinkers and more Egg Sinkers...with a huge stack of 5lb lead ingots cleaned from wheel weights. (page 28)

Casting Session #13


setting wooden patterns into the flask drag for molding sand

1st Flask/Ramming up (page 16)

an electric hotplate modified to melt lead for fishing sinkers.

Using an Electric HotPlate to melt Lead for Sinkers (page 29)


MORE VIDEOS Even MORE MarksWorx pages  

cut up aluminum scrap for melting into ingots or used for immediate pours.

For Casting we recycle Aluminum..Cutting a Nitrous Tank and an old Walker. (page 30)



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